Politics and Governance (BA (Hons))

Full Time: Four Year

Program Format(s)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Degree Earned

$31,814 – $31,864 CAD

International Tuition Fee Range 2022/2023

Toronto, Canada


Is It for You?

The study of politics and governance questions the role of government in society and how it relates to social justice, democracy, citizenship and human rights; who decides local, national and international policy; and how decisions are reached and conflicts resolved. This program offers in-class simulations, community projects, research design and analysis, field experience and placement opportunities, in addition to international exchange programs. You’ll graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to critically analyze and address our social, economic, environmental and governmental challenges, and help society navigate our increasingly complex world.

This is one of 10 bachelor of arts programs that share a one-year foundation.

Double major options available after first year: Politics and Governance and Criminology, Politics and Governance and History, or Politics and Governance and Sociology.

After Graduation

You will use knowledge and skills to critically analyze and address our social, economic, environmental and governmental challenges. You may choose to work for the government, non-profit agencies or private companies in strategy, analysis or development roles; evaluate legal, management and governance questions; and effect change in local, national or international organizations. You may work as a policy analyst, public relations officer, issues manager, political analyst, speech writer, political/campaign strategist, compliance officer, constituency manager, communications officer, or partnerships consultant. You can also pursue further studies or graduate work in law, education, social science, political science, public administration, public policy, public management, business or third (non-profit) sector studies.

Sample Courses

  • People, Power and Politics
  • Power and Influence in Canadian Politics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Academic Writing and Research
  • Power and Authority in Canada
  • Statistics and Social Science
  • Western Political Thought
  • Research Design and Qualitative Methods