Chemical Engineering Co-op (BEng)

Full Time: Five-Year Co-op

Program Format(s)

Bachelor of Engineering

Degree Earned

$36,487 – $38,472 CAD

International Tuition Fee Range 2022/2023

Toronto, Canada


Is It for You?

Chemical engineers improve human life by producing everything from cleaner water and better-tasting food, to new medicines, powerful silicon microchips and beauty products. Dedicated, award-winning professors will help you develop expertise in physical and life sciences as well as in advanced processing, manufacturing and production technologies. A mandatory co-operative program, team design project, hands-on labs and an optional specialization in Management Sciences will equip you to transform our planet’s raw materials into useful products for sustaining and enriching lives.

After Graduation

Apply knowledge of and experience in chemical engineering to change lives in areas such as oil and gas engineering, biotechnology, environmental regulation and pollution control, and health and safety enforcement. You may work as a chemical engineer, fuels engineer, inventory analyst or process supervisor. Or, pursue graduate studies (MEng, MASc, PhD) in chemical engineering.


“As a chemical engineer, you can choose your own adventure. An incredibly versatile discipline that combines engineering principles and the sciences of chemistry, biology and physics, chemical engineers create everything from cleaner water and better-tasting food, to more powerful silicon microchips, beauty products, and medicines.”


Sample Courses

  • Chemical Engineering
  • General Chemistry Laboratory
  • Digital Computation and Programming
  • Principles of Engineering Economics
  • Calculus
  • Physics: Waves and Fields