Mathematics and its Applications (BSc)

Full Time: Four Year; Five-Year Co-op

Program Format(s)

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Degree Earned

$31,811 – $31,871 CAD

International Tuition Fee Range 2022/2023

Toronto, Canada


Is It for You?

Mathematics is a powerful problem-solving tool and a highly creative field of study that explains diverse phenomena such as the human nervous system, the evolution of life forms and the stock market. You’ll learn to identify patterns using logic, exacting principles and imagination, and will complete a thesis project. An optional paid co-op and optional specializations in Computer Science and Economics will further prepare you with the knowledge and problem-solving expertise needed to offer solutions in a variety of fields.

After Graduation

You are ready to use knowledge, problem-solving expertise and practical experience to offer solutions in a range of areas: finance, economics, business and government; computer security, statistical analysis; market research design and analysis, software development; manufacturing design and testing. You may work as an applied mathematician, research mathematician, statistical analyst, commercial intelligence analyst or cryptoanalyst. You may also choose to pursue a master of applied mathematics (MA or MSc) or other related fields.

Sample Courses

  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Calculus and Geometry
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Dynamic Systems Differential Equations
  • Applied Linear Algebra