Journalism (BJourn)

Full Time: Four Year; Advanced Standing

Program Format(s)

Bachelor of Journalism

Degree Earned

$31,841 – $32,453 CAD

International Tuition Fee Range 2022/2023

Toronto, Canada


Is It for You?

The need for storytellers who can sift through the noise and produce insightful and engaging stories has never been greater. Study Journalism in the heart of Toronto, and learn transferable and marketable skills in reporting, writing, research, critical thinking, interviewing, and media production from instructors with industry experience. You’ll learn to put current events in context, understand key issues and trends, dispel rumours and misinformation and help paint an accurate picture of the world through text, audio, visual and social media. You’ll also develop practical reporting experience from our leading-edge studios, editing suites, digital-first newsrooms and internships.

After Graduation

Thrive in diverse career sectors including digital journalism, television, radio, newspapers and magazines; communications and public relations; international development and government policy. You may work as a technical writer, journalist, communications officer, policy writer, or social media specialist. Or, pursue graduate studies in fields such as law, international relations or politics.

Where You Belong

“When I started in Journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University, we established the fundamentals of what we needed. In my second year it really started to broaden up, we learned about the different mediums. You’re exposed to a lot, and you get to pick what you like, which is really cool. I feel I can do so much with my Journalism degree.”

Sample Courses

  • Journalism
  • Approaches and Techniques for Journalists
  • Multimedia News Reporting
  • Visualizing Facts
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics